Service Shuttle

Rocky Mountain Dodge Service Shuttle

We are dedicated to providing every visitor with exceptional service. We provide complimentary shuttle service in Rocky Mountain House and the immediate surrounding area.

We try to accommodate every request. If you have a deadline, appointment or school pick up, please inform your shuttle coordinator at check in so we can meet your needs.

Shuttle Pick Up Availability

Customers that have not pre-arranged a shuttle return to Rocky Mountain Dodge are asked to provide at least 90 minutes notice so the return can be coordinated with the shuttle driver. Closer to the end of the day, pick-ups generally will have more than one location to stop at before reaching the dealership. We do our best to arrive in a timely matter.

Children & Shuttle Service

Your child's safety is very important to us. Children who are 6 years and younger or weighing 18kg (40lbs) or less require a child safety seat. The child will not be transported in a shuttle without the proper safety seat. Please consult your Service Advisor for alternative arrangements.

Children older than 6 years and weighing more than 18kg (40lbs) can be accommodated in a shuttle if parents have a booster seat available.

Pets & Shuttle Service

We do our best to accommodate all of our shuttle requests. Due to the severity of some allergies, we will not accept non-service animals for transportation in our service shuttles. If you require transportation for yourself, and an animal companion, please notify the shuttle coordinator who would be happy to contact a pet friendly taxi on your behalf.

Shuttle Service
Shuttle Service
Shuttle Service